A few years ago, I built a little prototype based on Matt Williams's Barduino. It didn't do much; but it did let me push a button and recieve a drink.

That's cool and all... but... well, I wanted something smarter. Now I have the chance! I've been wanting to take on a pet project for a while that will let me build some hardware, and this is the result of that.

I'm still in the planning stages, but the D1000 will:

  • Automatically dispense drinks
  • Be able to cope with any size of container (yup, that's right!)
  • Will read RFID tags
  • Will be programmed in Ruby / mruby

The tricky part is the mechanism for dealing with any size (and shape) of container, and I'll be building that part first.

I'll be documenting everything, every step of the way and am really looking forward to getting my hands dirty with mruby.